Tomahawk sheath: safe and handy!

November 10, 2012  |  care and use

You decided to change your tomahawk sheath? Well i help you to choose the right one. We can divide all sheaths on two big categories: by material they made of, and by colors. Lets start from materials. They are: leather, hard nylon, kydex. Usually you get cheap quality one with your hawk and manufacturer offers you to get good sheats for money. Price on some models may be really big. Let’s take a look at sog tomahawk sheath. Default model is made of nylon.


Crap quality of material, and they missed with construction. The reason is, when you place your tactical hawk back, the blade may cut the ropes around the top. And you will have it with a big gop there, so axe may slip sometimes out. You can use it only to cover blade and spike, but sharp surfaces damages it and you will have to buy new one after a few bushwalks. I advice you to look at plastic or kydex sheath.

sog tomahawk sheath

Plastic, or in other words, hard nylon tamahawk holster will do the job better. This small review will help you to understand, why it is so good. Tactical sheath is for left handed side draw. It can rotate to allow the handle move out while seating. It has quality construction and be shure it will last long. The blade dont damage it, due to strong material. You can always pull your axe fast if needed.

Next one is a kydex sheath.

kydex tomahawk sheath

Kydex is a premium material. Do you know why? This is a new acrilic – PVC material. It’s strong and soft at one time, durable, lightweight and can protect from most kinds of chemicals. Oh, forgot about it’s superior rigidity and formability. So, if you thinking about sog kydex sheath for your tactical hawk, buy it, you can’t be wrong. The price is high, but it worth your money. You may find kydex tomahawk sheath for sale on some forums online. I  think best price can be found on Amazon or something. Need to mention, that it has different colors: green, gray, black, purple, etc. and nylon can be only black. It will hold your tool very securely.
Some manufactures like American Tomahawk or Cold steel may give you a leather sheath.

tomahawk sheath

This material is something between nylon and plastic. Soft and handy, but not durable. After a hard use it will loose it’s quality. Ofcourse, leather tomahawk sheath will last longer than nylon, but you can’t depend on it. Different colors is it’s benefit and if you are not going to use it under condition, get one. By the way, you can make it yourself. If you don’t know how to make a tomahawk sheath, watch the video tutorial below, hope it will help you. First of all you must make a tomahawk sheath pattern specially for your tool and than this shape transfered to leather. If it wont help, ask Google. You will find many answers, and good luck with that! Your custom sheath is a nice way to save money on kydex sheath accessories and show everyone your individuality.

This is a three parts video tutorial:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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