Tomahawk sharpening: shave a cat!

November 10, 2012  |  care and use

After a long use of your tomahawk for breaching, cutting, throwing, breaking, the edge becomes dull. How can you make it sharp again? The answer is here… Tomahawk sharpening is not so hard as you can think first. All what you may need for this are a bastard file, sand paper or a whetstone. Hawk sharpening is not like knife or hatchet sharpening and depends in what purposes you are going to use it: cut brunches, kindling, crahing heads or breaking through walls? I gonna tell you most common technique, which is nice for all of that.


Take file and place it on top or bottom corner of the edge. Hold it at 25-23 degrees angle. Now, move the file to opposite corner with pressure. You can add a bit of oil or water to make things go smoothly, but this is optional. Put 10 to 20 strokes. Flip it now on the other side and repeat this process. Continue with this untill blade will feel nice and smooth. When finished, do the same to your edge with whetstone. If your axe dameged pretty much, use some sand paper or a large coarse file before taking a fine file.Rmember about safety! Never check hawk by running your finger along the blade. It may cause serious injuries. Better try to chop something.

tomahawk sharpening

Ofcourse you may use special axe sharpener. Many tomahawk brands offer their own products: fiskars axe sharpener or Sog countertop sharpener. They are fast to use and stay your fingers safe. Let’s see if they really so good for tomahawk sharpening?
First product from Fiskars.

fiskars axe sharpener

It sharps at 30 degree angle. It has potented ceramic wheel inside. It is very easy to use plus lifetime guarantee. Cons: leaves black dust on the edge after sharpening on some hawks. Blade leaves huge scratches on plastic body during sharpening. It’s serious design flaw. You can buy it for 8$ and this is a good price. There are many similar products on the market. But this one comes from a reputable manufacturer. You cant be wrong, if u buy it, due to it’s cost especially.
SOG countertop sharpener comes next on this review.

sog countertop sharpener

It’s more compact, one year warranty against manufacturer defects. Not much, but what can happen to your sharpener anyway? It’s strong and handy as their hawks and wont break on 100 pieces after 1 year usage. Blade comes out very sharp, thats why it so good. New tecnology will make process very easy and you wont have excuse any more to keep your knifes and hawks dull. But if you want to effortlessly shave your hair with axe or a knife, look at professional sharpeners. But their cost will be very high. We have some weaknesses too. If the steel of your blade is bad, this tomahawk sharpener will remove a lot of metal from it. Sog countertop cost is about 15$ if u buy it online on Amazon.
Watch trough internet forums to find some sales. Don’t forget to clean your sharpeners after every usage. Hope, now you know how easy it is, to keep your tools sharp.

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