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November 10, 2012  |  Brands

SOG is a very popular brand. It’s known all over the world and offers it’s customers various models: F01T Tactical Tomahawk, F12-N Double Headed, F06-N Fast Hawk and many others. Ok, lets start our sog tactical tomahawk review with first one.


Length – 15.75 inches, weight – 24 oz. 420 stainless steel head coated in scrath resistant black oxide which also reduce reflectivity. Due to it’s lightness you can get a decent swing from it. This hawk has two versions, previous had a wood handle. But after bad reviews they changed for a polymer handle with heavy duty bolts. Now you can abuse it with cutting and throwing, axe head will still sit snug. Axe head is securely attached to handle with four screws and metal reinforcing ring in place where metal meets nylon. It is sharp enough to go through blocks, cinder bricks, car doors and hood. It well balanced and feels comfortable in your hand just like you was born with it. Design is great too.

sog tactical tomahawk review

Sog tomahawk looks intimidating! Good for breeching and self defence. The head is not down swept enough for a fighting hawk, but it still blasts! Trained person with proper technique applied you can disarm an opponent or make him serious injuries.You can take this tool on camping, but honestly it’s not handy for it. And it wont make a valid replacement for an actual hatchet. Nice for kindling, but nothing more. You can have some fun with it on the backyard, throwing sog tactical tomahawk to the old tree or whatever. But train first or ask someone to show you, it’s a weapon, and you can cut yourself or break axe with hard abuse. In addition you will recieve nylon sheath on shipping, which makes a pleasure to carry this tool. You want to ask me about price? Well, i tell you – the price is just about 28$ if you gonna purchase it online on Amazon. In fact you get exellent product for this money, plus if you break it you can ask SOG to send you another one, they give a lifetime warranty.

sog tactical tomahawk

Next one on this review is F12-N Double Headed axe. This is another great product from SOG. 31 oz. weight, 420 stainless steel head with 3-1/4 inch edge. Perfect for throwing. Textured handle is slip-resistant and durable. This sog tomahawk is well ballanced so you can get your mark from different positions from a big distance over 30ft. Ofcourse, if you have some skills. This small nice axe can be used on camping in some ways: to split wood or kindling. The edge stay sharp rather long, anyway 420 steel can be sharpened easily. If you can’t do it yourself, pay 5$ to professional and you’ll get brand new hawk. In addition you get nylon sheath and 100% lifetime warranty. It costs near 45$ but i think you can find this item on sale for a best price on special knife forums. Anyway again, it is a great item for this money.

sog tomahawk

F06-N Fast Hawk is a smaller copy of the F01T Tactical Tomahawk. 12″ length, 1 lb., 3 ozs weight. Small hammer on the back of the axe head. Made from same material as previous two. If you use hawks as a tool this one will be easier to carry and less fatigue from heavy use. In combat due to its weight you gain more agility and speed, what makes your swings faster. What about throwing? Still good, no difference. Spins fast, but sticking in stumps with a nice thud. I also advise to use this tool for a woman. This tool is sharp and handy in different situations, rather compact and will be usefull on camping with family.
Hope you liked this sog tactical tomahawk reviews. If you decided to buy one, dont hesitate, for this cheap price and lifetime warranty you can’t be wrong. Good luck!

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