Rmj tomahawk: no parts separation, ever!

November 10, 2012  |  Brands

Why army choose rmj tactical tomahawk?

Rmj tactical tomahawk is made for close combat. And it does job really good. These hawks are piece of art. Rmj most popular models are: eagle talon tomahawk, Kestrel, Shrike Hammer Forged Tomahawk, S13 Shrike, Jenny Wren. When you buy them you get 100% lifetime garancy, as it said on their webside, no head or handle separation, ever.


And it’s true – full tang tool made of one piece of steel and extremly durable, thats why US Army use them – you can depend on it in every situation. Some training and your enemy will have no chance vs you in close quarter combat! Original American quality, no China here. Ok, lets discuss their benefits.

Eagle Talon goes first

Eagle talon tomahawk
Length – 18 inches, spike – 3 inches, weight – 29 oz. Biggest one of all rmj’s. Cut with a plasma arc, you can even find striations from plasma cutting on it. Micarta handles of black or gray color, or G-10 desert camo. We tried this hawk on a number of mesquite trees and this is what we get. With a single blow and full body rotation we got cut depth  of 1 1/2 – 2 inches and 1 1/4- 1 1/2 inches with it’s point. It’s grip is rather small, what makes uncomfortable to use it. Anyway Eagle Talon tomahawk is a great fighting tool, due to it’s weigth and reach. In addition you will get a kydex sheath, wich is very functional and fast to draw from.

rmj tactical shrike tomahawk

Next rmj tactical tomahawk review is about Jenny Wren

It’s dimensions are 11 1/2″ long and 18oz, really fast and light. Small enough to carry, easy to deploy and extremly sharp. This hawk will break through everything – wooden door, helmet, metal sheet or windglass… Be careful with main edge, it can easily puncture soft materials like clothing or skin. As you understand it is good for throwing. JW spike is very sharp, it would cut deep in a fight. Curved handle is perfect for swinging in forward direction. With this ryan johnson tomahawk you have speed and agility, giving you the split second advantage in a fight, what means victory in some situations.
Last one for this review is rmj tactical shrike tomahawk, hammer forged. Length – 15 1/2 inches. Weight – 27 oz. It’s main purpose is to pierce a kevlar helmet. Full tang 4140 chromed steel with hard rubber handle grip molled on it. S13 Shrike is the same, but with a shorter handle. In addition you will recieve a mounting platform to attach it straight to your molle kit. You can feel it’s force when hold in a hand, extremly intimidating.
rmj tomahawk

It’s up to you which one to pick. They all have different purposes. JW is a best combat tomahawk. Take Shrike if you are going to kick in doors and tote a gun. If you ever gonna break one of them rmj will send you another, that is what the lifetime guarantee is all about.
Only weakness is in price. It starts from 395$ and you should wait for 3-5 months for shipping, but it worth that. If you want to get rmj tomahawk faster, search special forums for sale, order online on Amazon, good luck and best price!

Offical RMJ website http://www.rmjtactical.com/

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