M48 tomahawk: be ready for zombie apocalypse!

November 10, 2012  |  Models

This m48 hawk axe made by United Cutlery company. There many modifications of it, like UC2765 M48 Hawk Axe, UC2836 M48 Ranger Hawk Axe, Rescue Tomahawk. Lets start m48 tomahawk review with the first one. Definitely commando style hawk. It’s perfet as a weapon or tool, depends on how you want to use it. Wide axe blade sharped well for chopping, slashing and cutting with no fatigue. And spike on the back of axe head is sharpened on both sides for improved penetration.


After some training it can provide exellent breaching and personal defense use. Item dimensions are 17.5x10x1.5 inches, 8″ blade is made of AUS-6 stainless steel, handle contains fiberglass reinforced nylon. Well ballanced, fitting well into hands, just what you want to wield both with one or two hands, allows you to grip next to the head or low on handle. Most of it’s weight is in head, what makes it perfect for chopping and cutting, however not so good for throwing.

m48 tomahawk

The spike is absolutely great due to it’s insane penetration force. You can break through everything from wood fence to aluminium car door. Customers write about experiments with it on different forums: chopping saplings, de-branching chainsawed trees, torning down sheetrock and plywood walls, and the blade is so good that it is possible shave clean a cat. Weaknesses? Yes, this m48 tactical tomahawk has some. The blade can be scratched easily. Hawk doesn’t fit well in its sheath, watch your hands. Better buy new one, kydex in example. Handle may slip, and on abusing throwing handle may break near axe head, this m48 hawk is not full-tang, use it smart. You want have any problems under normal usage conditions.
Next one in this m48 tomahawk review will be UC2836 M48 Ranger Hawk Axe with compass. A can start only with one thing. This is must have tool for your zombie apocalypse packout! True survival tomahawk. It has all benefits of the previous one with some exeptions. Dimensions are 15.5×3.5×2.4 inches. Precision cast 2Cr13 wich is compatiple with 440c, used by Gerber, stainless steel axe head. Same fiberglass handler, but with black nylon cord wrapping to resist slipping.

united cutlery tomahawk survival tomahawk

A nylon snap button sheath includes compass. It’s full plastic, not for rugged use, but be shure, it will show you direction propperly. We must mention two tone design. Olive drab handle with black head makes united cutlery tomahawk look blast! Sheath has additional straps on the back, it’s material is way better than classic m48 hawk has. Easy to carry. If you are looking for a small survival pack axe this is what you need. Buy it, you can’t be wrong. It’s still not full tang, but very durable and wont break while throwing. Ofcourse, it will take some time to train your skills, but it worth that, believe me, your friends will be shocked. The only case it may break is a production reject. Handle may contain a bubble of air within. Ask for a change and you will get a new one.
You may find m48 tactical tomahawk on sale on Amazon. 40$ is a cheap price for such tool. Good luck with your zombie apocalypse!

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