Tactical tomahawk: best survival tool!

Tactical tomahawk: best survival tool!

Welcome! If u read this, it means you are going to have one of these must have gear – tactical tomahawk and looking for reviews and may be for sale? Congratulations! you came to the right place.


On this site we gathered most popular brands of tomahawk axe and supplies and proud to present this information to you.

Lets see in what case you may need tactical tomahawk?

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Well, at first lets be clear, it is not a thing for chopping trees, it’s a weapon. They were widely used in Vietnam jungles as weapon in combat or tool. And not by lumberjacks! Nowadays people use them as a part of their BOB (bug out bag). Light weight and sturdy, hawk can be very intimidating in the right hands as well as being useful as a breaching tool or near a campsite or even for field dressing game. It can easily replace tactical hatchet in hunting and if u are thinking about tomahawk vs hatchet, bet on the first one, you wont be wrong. They are much lighter and slimmer. Tomahawk simply does not take as much energy to swing and because it is very sharp it chops really good. It throws like a champ too.

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So keep in mind, best tactical tomahawk is extremly sharp and if u decide to slice your way through a wooden panel fence, door knobs, pierced aluminum frames of vehicles and bikes (huh? what for? but nvm…) you wont have any problems.  But be careful, it may dull with excessive cutting on rough or hard surfaces. They can also be used as a prying tool, a tent stake puller, a hammer or even for self defense against a large animals such as mountain lion or a bear up in Mountain Range.
Also you may have much fun with throwing it in the backyard with friends. Feel yourself a renegade sticking tomahawk into the target. We don’t recommend to do it in combat unless you have special skills, in most cases you’re just going to give the other guy another weapon. You can throw this thing from 40-50 yards away and stick it into a large Redwood tree or a board setup as a target without any issues at all. The only difference might be how hard you can throw it and how long it takes to make it to the target. Nowadays tomahawk throwing is a very popular sport and you can participate in championship if you’d like to. Usually people use hand-forged weapon of all kind there. With wood shaft, beautifully decorated with draws, feathers and native American ornaments.tactical tomahawkCombat tactical tomahawks are widely used in Army. There is no other weapon of this small size, which can generate so much force in one short stroke. If an enemy got close to your teammates you can’t shoot him without endangering your team. So, can you find something more deadlier than a tomahawk spike into the head? In enclosed space they do the job much better than a slow knife.
At last, best tomahawks are well balanced and feels very good in your hand: their handles are slip- free what makes your cuts precise. The balance allows an effortless one handed chop and it cut clean through everything.
Modern tactical tomahawks made of special stainless steel. Their head usually not longer than 4 inches, usually 2,5 – 3 inch edge and mounted with polymers to handle with something heavy. Poll features sometimes a small spike or hammer, but usually is just rounded off. You may purchase whatever you want: from budget quality way up to exotic designed models.  Most popular brands are SOG, Cold Steel, American Tomahawk, RMJ. Responsible manufacturers give a warancy, protecting from defects in manufacturing and materials. Usually you have a year or even a lifetime! to send axe back and get your money.

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It is good to have a special sheath in addition. It will be easier to carry your combat axe and make hands free. And it is perfectly attached to your bag.
Watch all brands to compare and choose your combat hawk, you can buy it in any local store, but if you want best tomahawk price or find some for sale, order it online on Amazon. Hope you will like our tactical tomahawk review.

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