Cold steel tomahawk: make job quick now!

November 10, 2012  |  Brands

Cold Steel company makes various good quality hawks for different purposes. Such tools like Trail Hawk, Rifleman’s Hawk, Frontier Hawk, 90N Norse Hawk with American Hickory handle are more like native american hawks, but still good at throwing and fighting and camping too. Such models like Trench Hawk Axe have polypropylene handle, what makes them more resistant to shock and impact.


Ok, lets start our Cold steel tactical tomahawk review.

At first, lets take a look at the most popular model Cold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk. Peter Lagana designed his vietnam hawk for a lifetime, and now we have an exact copy of it. It’s light weight, it’s quick, it’s sharp. You can carry it all day long without causing undue fatigue.

cold steel tomahawk

Exellent speed due to it’s weight allows you to change directions quickly in combat. You can cut, slash, chop with this cold steel tomahawk, it’s good, but what about weaknesses? Well, after abusing it with throwing and chopping it’s had may come off. The steel is fine, but connection with shafts must be improved. Be careful with handle, it can break. It may come to you a bit dull. But this problem can be fixed with two minutes with a file and a sharpening stone after that. Anyway it’s quite durable. It’s really handy to split wood, shaving bark or even for kindling. As a nice bonus you will get a leather sheath with your cold steel tomahawk. So if you decided to buy it, you must know that gonna get what you pay for. It cost much less than VTAC (over 100$) or RMJ products(upwards of 200$). This tactical tomahawk’s price is near 40$.

cold steel tactical tomahawk

What’s next we have here? Oh, it’s Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe.

The size and weight of it are really significant: between a woodsman’s axe and a hatchet. It’s not a lightweight and you must have some decent shoulder strength for onehanded use. But twohanded strikes are fast and really powerful. You should fill the lanyard hole with 550 cord to exept accidentally releasing. Believe me, it may cause some serious bystander injury, so be careful. And if you configure it in a proper way as a lanyard it will work as a wrist sling – significant support for overhead swings. Quality of this cold steel tactical tomahawk is exellent. Strong synthetic handle, nicely attached with head, provides it easy to maintain. Thick 5150 carbon steel, high quality edges, grinds and coating.Sheath is very durable and comfortable to use. Spike on it’s back will help you in breaking through hard surfaces. Usually this hawk compared to SOG tactical tomahawk. SOG is very sharp and it will be great for camping, climbing or hunting. And if you need a brute force, get yourself Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe. We recomment you to have both of, you wont be wrong.

cold steel tomahawk review

Ok, for next cold steel tomahawk review we take Rifleman’s Hawk.

Firs of all product dimensions are 8 x 4 x 4 inches, weight is about 2.2 pounds. When you take this tool out from the box, you understand that it feels right in your hand. It’s perfetct hawk for primitive or rough camping work. It’s sharp and has a hammer on it’s head. This baby can become your best friend on the backyard if u know what to do with it. The only weakness is that it’s not so comfortable for chopping as hatchet is, but here is a little tip for you: wrap the handle in cord with the loop on it’s top. By looping your hand securely you will get some very powerful swings with no fatigue, in addition cord will serve as cushion and grip. Try to throw it. It’s really amazing. It will be a problem for you to find aim that can handle more that two hits. Don’t forget to order sheath with this cold steel tomahawk. You won’t get it for free.
I hope you enjoyed this cold steel tomahawk reviews and ready to buy it in your local store or search for some sales on Amazon. Good luck!

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