Browning tactical tomahawk: real assasin weapon!

November 10, 2012  |  Brands

This browning tactical tomahawk review will tell you about pros and cons of Shock N’ Awe hawk axe from the ultimate Black Label blades. First af all some product dimensions: 13.2 x 9.2 x 2.3 inches, 2.4 pounds weight. Forged from 1055 stainless steel with powder coat finish. No rivets or screws. Black spike on axe head back side can penetrate hard surfaces and cause injuries. One piece of metal with nylon cord wrapped on handle with spiked pommel plus sporting a wide sized lanyard hole.


Great design provides a nice look and it feels very comfortable in hand. Browning tomahawk is very small, you can be surprised as i did, when took it out of the box. In my oppinion it is more a benefit. Compact and packable, you will never feel fatigue from carrying or working with it all day long. It’s so short and steel is thick, that you can always find some place for it in your bag or car.

browning tactical tomahawk

This is a combat hawk, so use it for self defence or extraction. However it will help on camping too. You may use it for trimming small branches or cutting up kindling, browning tactical tomahawk do this job fine. Definitely, not for breaking through wooden doors cars or fences. You will tired soon with this axe, it’s too smal for big devastating swings and you should make 2-3 strokes to get same result to a normal hatchet. But, in extreme situation, you can make a big hole in a car hood or something like this. Blade and spike sharped well for that.

Tactical hawk for throwing

Also this hawk is exellent for throwing due to it’s size and weight. You will see, how nice it flies to your aim and penetrates it deep, making nice damage. But you may need some training. For unskilled person it will be a problem. Don’t even think to throw it in combat if you are not shure on 100% of your success. Otherwise you give another weapon to your enemy.
browning Shock N' AweIn addition you will have a special sheath for this hawk from Browning. It’s made of molded polymer with their Tek Lok tecnology belt clip easily adjusts for carry carry angle and width of it’s belt loop. The only gripe in it that sheath is a swing away strap on the bottom. When you want to pull the tomahawk down to release, this strap goes up to you. It seems that this item can swing up on it’s own and in this case tomahawk may drop down on your leg. And it very sharp, be careful. Another weakness is it’s steel. It’s nice and i wont mention it if manufacturer didn’t say it’s stainless… 1055 is a simple carbon steel. 55 means it has 55% carbon. Stainless has 4-18% chromium, that is why it is an alloy with a maximum of 3% carbon and called non magnetic in other words, so 1055 cannot be stainless.
Anyway browning made a good tactical tomahawk and you can buy it for 80$ or something. If you looking for sales search internet for best price. Special forums or Amazon. I was lucky and made my online purchase for only 67$. I wish you to find it cheaper. Good luck with that! If my review was helpful, like me on Facebook, ty ;)

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