Benchmade tomahawk: breach through all!

November 10, 2012  |  Brands

Let’s take a look at benchmade tactical tomahawk. First of all this is not a cheply made thing, it’s cut from one piece of steel. It is made to bust locks, chop open containers and that kind of stuff. Being a weapon is not it’s main function. Main edge is known as the apple seed edge. A convex edge is made to increase retention when you smash brick walls, blocks, wooden doors or even tearing through metal barrier. Ok, what benchmade tomahawk is best for?


This hawk is not for throwing. It’s weight tells us that we can destroy everything with it. The spike can easily punch through ballistic vest and kevlar helmet. It’s power can really impress. So in fact we have primary breaching tool. How does it stack up vs other hawks? Compare benchmade tomahawk with rmj. It looses in fighting, because rmj is lighter and you can swing with it fast, but again due to its lightness it is harder to break through hard materials. With benchmade you will do it in seconds. However, if you want to take your 172 tomahawk as a weapon on hunting, you will see, the damage you’d inflict would be devastating. And what about Cold Steel’s products? Well, they can make good hawks, but you can’t compare it with benchmade.

benchmade tomahawk

True American quality tells for itself. 1095 carbon blade steel and and contoured full tang G10 handle will provide long life for it. What about Eagle Talon? Hard choise i think. Both are very good. It is significant to note the the point on the Eagle Talon is a narrow, tapered one, while benchmade tactical hawk is twice the width. While the first one can penetrate deeper, the wound channel caused by the other one will be much greater. The grip on the Killian is significantly larger than that of the Eagle Talon. It’s grip is very comfortable, and allows no slippage of your hands.
This thing can be used outdoors for camping and bushing. It can split wood very fine. With it’s spike you may move wood around in the fire or pick up a hot kettle with handle. Benchmade tomahawk splits seasoned firewood in one swing, and easily make short work of branches if needed. It wont’be a problem to make a lean to shelter out a 4 inch thick recently fallen branch.

benchmade 172 tactical tomahawk

Some of you can say it still has band saw marks in it and no finished edges and it is unsharpened when see benchmade tomahawk first time. But it is not fair. The blade and point were shaped on a mill. It is not sharp enough to shave with, but a simple shapened edge will do fine, it would provide a poor edge for what this tool is intended. You dont need to do anything with it.
What about the prices? You’re paying for quality, it is a Benchmade, so don’t expect a silk purse for a sow’s ear. It’s price is half of what you may pay for RMJ and you dont need to wait 2-5 months for shipping. Cold Steel can be purchased under 50$, but you get exactly what you pay for. If you want to buy benchmade tomahawk for best price, go on Amazon, however ask in your local store too. You may have some luck to get it on sale. Hope you enjoyed this benchmade tactical tomahawk review.

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