American tomahawk: marine’s choise!

November 10, 2012  |  Brands

This is an american tomahawk review. Let’s see all benefits and disadvantages of this product. It looks really cool. It hold a nice edge, throws well, and be shure VTAG gets the job done. Everything you need to chop or cut open or mutilate wont have a chance. There are many models you can buy from this company: american tomahawk vtac lagana, CQC-T Emerson Defensive Battle Axe, Sibert Commanche Tactical and many others. All of them serve to different purposes.


Throwing tomahawk

Peter lagana tomahawk is good at throwing. Well balanced, it is light weight and compact, 14″ overall. Made of 1060 drop forged steel 2 5/8″ cutting edge (nicely sharpened btw) on axe head. Look at thr convex edge on  blade. You know what it means? You can break through hardwood tree, steel door, car glass and other hard surfaces with no rolling of the edge or other ill effects. Lagana tactical tomahawk shortly become a “must have” thing in your BOB on camping, hunting and other.

But ofcourse it has some weakness, a poor constructed handle made of molded plastic. If it gets wet or muddy it will be slippery and it becomes uncomfortable to work with it. It may be important in extreme situations. It can be simply fixed with affordable can of Krylon Non-Skid Coating. Plus you will get a sheath with your vtac american tomahawk. It’s safely and strongly constructed and it will be a pleasure to carry it.

american tomahawk

Combat tactical hawk

And what about CQC-T Emerson? Well, as it seen from it’s name this axe is perfect at close quarter combat. For a well trained user it will be fine to work with it, but for inexperienced one it may cause more problems than benefits. It’s spike end shaped the way it can make more serious injury to you and not to attacker, if not handled with care. Not everyone defend themselves with a hawk now, but if the need ever arose, it moves so fast in hand.

american tomahawk lagana tactical

This more a knifelike hawk than most others tomahawks. This american tomahawk is great for camping or bushwalking. It works great in cutting and splitting wood (but remember, it is not an axe!). Due to its very light weight and compact size, it becomes perfect for carrying it on your belt for camping out. The only weakness is it’s sheath. Sharp blade of the hawk tends to cut through it very quickly.
In fact american tomahawk company makes great product, it will serve you well in most situations, and if you decided to buy it, dont hesitate, you can’t be wrong. Go to your local store for it but if u want to find american tomahawk on sale or just a good price, visit Amazon.
Company has a good history, founded in 1966 by Peter LaGana. It’s first hawks had original vietnam design with wood handle and reverse spike on axe head. Nowadays ofcourse it moved forward with all new materials and design. US Army widely use it Afganistan and jungles of Southeast Asia. Interesting fact, that lagana tactical tomahawk vtac is classified as a “Class 9 rescue kit” and also included within every Stryker vehicle.

Official American tomahawk company website

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